Monomyth story: Percy Jackson

The 17 stages monomyth of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

                Percy Jackson is a normal teenager in the States except that his father is a god of water, Poseidon. Percy is called to adventure by his teacher is turning to be a Fury and asking him for the lightning bolts, for the location of lightning bolts. Percy does not want to leave his mother, and he is confused about how this has become his problem. Percy starting travel with his friends Annabeth and Grover to find the Pearls to get into the Mount Olympus and throughout the journey Percy is given advice by his father, Poseidon through his mind. Percy crosses his very first threshold when he fights with the Minotaur. Percy had to help his mother that capture by Hades and Percy must travel to the Underworld to get her back.

Percy has to accomplished many task in his journey, for example, he has to get the three Pearls to get to Mount Olympus. He killed Medusa for one of the Pearls in his journey. The moment that presents two of the steps in the hero’s journey is the moment near the end of the story when Percy and his father met. He was asking his father that why he has to leave him and his mother back and he explained to Percy that he actually cares about him. Percy is tempted when fighting with Medusa, he try not to look into her eyes, at that time he holds the strongest temptation in his journey. The high point in Percy’s journey is when he faces Luke, the person who stole the lightning bolt, and travels to Mount Olympus.

After all of his journey, Percy wants to stay in the Underworld, and let his friends return and go to Mount Olympus. Percy goes by a magical flight when he activates the pearls, and the pearls transport Percy and his friends to Mount Olympus to see his father, Poseidon. His father is explains to him why he has not always been there. Before Percy meets Poseidon, Percy always angry with his father, while now he is more understanding because of Poseidon’s explanation. After that, he returns to Camp Half-Blood smarter and calmer with his friends. Percy becomes the master of two worlds when he realizes that he will be mortal at heart. In the end of the movie, Percy is seen training, announcing his freedom to live.


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